Felonies are more complicated and have many more risks than misdemeanors, for obvious reasons. Felonies:

  • carry possible sentences that substantially impact your life if convicted;
  • involve more serious crimes, which cause the prosecutors to treat the cases more seriously;
  • involve more complex factual and legal issues;
  • take more time, energy and expense to resolve;
  • require more attorney skill and experience to benefit the defendant; and
  • result in depriving the defendant of civil rights if convicted (until the sentence is complete, but under federal law, result in absolute loss of certain civil rights).

If you are charged with a felony crime, you need an attorney who knows criminal law and procedure and who knows how to try a criminal case before a jury. The consequences are too great and the possible negative impact a felony has on your life necessitate getting the right attorney–who will work for you and seek every possible defense available in your case; will make you feel comfortable with the process; and will work with you to create the best result possible.

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