Property & Landlord-Tenant

Property and landlord-tenant disputes are common in Montana, and since they normally involve neighbors, emotions can get in the way of resolving disputes before they get out of hand.

With property situations, there are many factors normally involved, including deeds, contracts, liens, easements, use claims, Home Owner Associations, among others. Property disputes can become quite lengthy and complex, and it is vitally important that the property owners consult with an attorney before the potential disputes become cost-prohibitive.

With landlord-tenant situations, what many people do not realize is that the Landlord-Tenant Act sets forth much of the requirements for either party to take legal action against the other party. Much of these requirements are notice driven. If the party does not comply with these statutory and notice requirements, he may find that he has no cause of action to enforce the other party to do this or that. Many times, what could have been a good case for the landlord or tenant becomes no case at all because he did not follow these requirements. Therefore, it is critical that you consult with an attorney regarding your landlord-tenant dispute. Otherwise, you may find that you have no remedy at law to enforce the contract.

If you have a property or landlord-tenant matter, do not hesitate to contact Tim Baldwin.