Contract Disputes

Much of our life involves entering into contracts with other people, whether for business, property, real estate, leasing, services, or investment.This is why it is vitally important to have an attorney help you with contracts.

If you are entering into a contract with a large corporation, the contract terms are typically non-negotiable, but there are still provisions you should be aware of before signing the contract, so you know how to handle yourself in case there is a dispute.

In contrast, contracts with other individuals or smaller corporations are typically negotiable. In those cases, each party has a good opportunity to negotiate terms in his or her favor. So, having an attorney for that purpose will help you in the long term.

Unfortunately, many do not have an attorney to help them negotiate or understand the terms of the contract. Too, when there are events that raise questions or issues in the contract, most people do not consult with an attorney to discuss the potential hazards of this or that action. Normally, people wait until either party has accused the other party of breaching the terms of the contract and then threaten to file suit. By that time, the potential losses make the contract relationship almost cost prohibitive, especially if the contract has an attorney fee recovery provision.

In the long term, you will save yourself time, money and stress by consulting with an attorney before you enter into a contract and before the actions of the parties become disputed. However, if you have reached the point of a contract dispute, you need an attorney to represent you, so you can ensure you maximize the potential of enforcing the contract in your favor.